Learn Chinese for Kids (3-8 year olds)

This is an interactive workshop for parents and children 3-8 year old.

Learn Chinese for Kids (3-8 year olds)




11:00am-12:00pm PT




If children can learn multiple languages, why not teach them? While it can be challenging to raise a bilingual child, research shows that the benefits of learning a second language by far outweigh these difficulties. And learning a tonal language like Chinese also helps development of perfect pitch and improves musical listening skills. 

Inceptive has partnered with hihilulu to host a virtual small group (4 children max) immersive summer Chinese camp for kids 3-8 year olds and we invite you to join us for a free, interactive workshop that would simulate our summer camp session. hihilulu Atelier® has a team of experienced professional Chinese teachers who use 'learning by playing' pedagogy to accompany kids to learn Chinese with fun and ease.

What you will learn

  • A few Chinese words through interactive games and animations


hihilulu is an immersive Chinese learning platform for kids to acquire Chinese progressively. Their basic methodology is to utilise kids-beloved animations and extend them into interactive learning experience. It is 'edutainment', very different to traditional Chinese language education:

  • Covers 800 basic vocabularies at 6 language levels, but all blended into 10 themes of a kid's daily life.
  • Through animations and interactive games,  children learn the listening, speaking, reading and writing of 800 keywords progressively.
  • Curriculum has integrated STEAM concepts and covers five fields of language, art, science, mathematics and culture with funny, creative and manual activities, and uses our online platform as well as offline materials.

Intended audience

Parents and children aged 3-8 years.

How much does this webinar cost?

This introductory session is free.

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