The Secrets to Infant and Toddler Sleep Success

A live webinar and Q&A for parents of children 0-2 years old.

The Secrets to Infant and Toddler Sleep Success




2:00pm PT




Babies need a lot of sleep, so why is sleep one of the biggest challenges most new parents face? Some find their babies fighting bedtime or waking up too early or too often. Others have 'perfect' sleepers -- until a sleep regression strikes. In this live webinar and Q&A, you'll learn the ins and outs of baby and toddler sleep, down to the most mystifying mysteries, and start developing the tools to manage any sleep issues your family might be facing.

Inceptive has partnered with Wunder to create this webinar, which will be presented by Vera Sticker. Along with leading Wunder's unique team of educators and parent coaches, Vera is the go-to expert for all things sleep. Her mission is to help parents understand and support their children's unique strengths and needs, to help them be their very own best.

What you will learn

  • The basic science of baby sleep
  • The whys and hows of sleep regressions
  • How to start planning for sleep success at any age
  • What is sleep training -- and should you try it?
  • How to troubleshoot the most common sleep issues


Vera Sticker is the Director of Education and Coaching at Wunder. She holds a Master's degree from George Washington University and, before coming to Wunder, spent 10 years working in early childhood education and development.

Wunder is a parent assistant platform dedicated to giving parents the right tools at the right time, from their development-boosting iPhone app to their voice-controlled smart assistant (to be released later this year). Wunder combines the best in science, technology, education, creativity, and support to make parenting easier, boost development, and help families spend more fulfilling time together.

Intended audience

Parents of children 0-2 years old.

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