Do You See Me Now? Animal Camouflage for Kids

Explore the world of animal camouflage in this interactive session for kids

Do You See Me Now? Animal Camouflage for Kids




11:30am PT




The animal kingdom is extremely fascinating. Like children some animals play hide and seek all the time but not for fun. It helps them to survive. Some animals use camouflage to hide themselves from their enemies while others use it to hunt as they search for food themselves.

In this free interactive session with Melody Serra, kids will learn all about animal camouflage and how it works.

What you will learn

  • What is camouflage?
  • Why some animals blend into the surroundings?
  • Types of camouflage
  • Examples of animals that use camouflage


Melody Serra
Melody Serra was a K-12 educator in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. She taught science and math, and sometimes Spanish. After working as a software engineer for a few years, she now teaches college-aged students about computer programming. Ms. Serra's passions are teaching, art, coding, and baking.

Intended audience

Parents and children 5 to 10 year old

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