Victoria Dimitrakopoulos

Neuroscience Educator

Victoria Dimitrakopoulos is a neuroscience educator for children and their brain architects - parents, teachers, coaches, nannies. She develops curricula on brain development and behavior, with the conviction that understanding how we work empowers healing and thriving.

Ms. Dimitrakopoulos has 25 years of professional experience, of which a decade advising high performing executives on their career paths, and five supporting families in distress on raising children. She is developing a Social and Emotional Learning curriculum for a San Francisco school teaching children ages 2 to 18. Brought up in nine countries, she has sampled five education systems and their languages, and pursued analytical (Mathematical Economics) and business studies (Stanford MBA.)

When Ms. Dimitrakopoulos is not working or caring for her family (her children are aged 15 and 4), she can be found reading graphic novels or splashing in the cold Pacific Ocean.

Years of Experience

25 years


Project BrainHeart