Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW has over 24 years experience guiding hundreds of parents through the process to hire and retain the best nanny for their child. Early in her career she recognized that children thrive when parents and nannies provide care in a similar enough way to ensure the child learns to trust those adults caring for her and to understand who she is and how she is in the world.

The challenge for most parents is that they have little time to nurture the nanny relationship while also attending to their children, careers and home. Nannies have little time to develop their skills while working, and they have limited professional, collegial support.

Ms. Desrosiers founded the nonprofit, The Institute for Families and Nannies (TIFFAN) to meet these challenges through the provision of education, training, resources, and advocacy for everyone invested in a child's development. She is also the author of 'The Nanny Manual: How to Choose and Nurture the Perfect Childcare Partner'.

Years of Experience

24 years


The Institute for Families and Nannies (TIFFAN)