Support parents on your team

Inceptive's expert-led workshops help businesses equip their parent-employees, managers, and impacted teams with tools to successfully navigate parenthood and career.

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Inceptive aims to bring both managers and parents together to plan for the best possible solutions that benefit both the organization and the parent. Our interactive workshops are entirely customizable, allowing every organization to adjust based on employee needs, organization preferences, and budget.

In-person sessions

Entirely customizable onsite workshops for parents and managers.

Online sessions

On demand online classes for parents, easily accessible anytime, anywhere.


Employees are one of employers greatest assets. However, when left unsupported amidst major life changes, the same employees that typically act as a competitive advantage for organizations can put employers at risk of facing discrimination lawsuits, insurance claims, absenteeism, and turnover. Our program helps businesses:


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Employee morale and productivity
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Talent retention & gender equity
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Sense of inclusion
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Socially responsible impact


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Absenteeism and attrition
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Talent recruitment costs
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Health insurance costs
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Legal costs

Give the gift of learning

You can now gift our online parenting class to your employees who are new or soon to be parents, no matter where they live.

Buy one webinar or hundreds. No contracts or minimums.


Collective measures

We involve entire organizations to better prepare teams, target critical transition points, and mold positive environments that minimize parental stress and improve childhood outcomes.

Trustworthy expertise

Examples of credentials include Stanford-trained or UC Hasting Law educated professionals who specialize in topics ranging from lactation to career guidance.

Diverse topic coverage

Our expert-led workshops cover a wide variety of relevant topics, including everything from tactical help (“How to prevent flathead in your baby”) and emotional support (“How to adjust to your new life”) to career oriented (“Planning for parental leave”).

Limited client roster

We only work with a limited number of organizations at a time to ensure that each company we work with receives our full attention and reaps the desired benefits of a specialized program.

Lasting social impact

Inceptive programs directly help support underserved communities, reduce infant mortality, and boost school readiness in children. By working with Inceptive, organizations are also choosing to promote equity in the workplace by reducing new mother attrition rates and encouraging the advancement of women’s careers.


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