Sex After Baby: Why It Can Hurt & What To Do About It

Learn about why you might experience painful sex after childbirth and what you can do about it.


Annemarie Everett, PT, DPT, WCS


Approx. 30 minutes


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Parental Health


Is returning to intimacy in the postpartum chapter less than comfortable? You're not alone! Experiencing pain or discomfort with vaginal penetration after baby (even after cesarian!) is an extremely common, normal and treatable concern. We will discuss the contributing factors to this experience, and lay out concrete strategies to improve your comfort - that don't involve 'just having a glass of wine.'

Annemarie Everett is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified Women's Health Clinical Specialist. A full time clinician and co-founder of POPUp: An Uplifting Resource (an educational resource for people with pelvic organ prolapse), she is dedicated to making expert, evidence-based, compassionate, and positive care available to all people with pelvic health concerns.

What you will learn

  • Prevalence of painful sex postpartum
  • Common risk factors for painful sex after baby
  • How to self-assess contributing factors to pain
  • Treatment strategies for common pain contributors
  • Resources when self-treatment strategies aren't enough

Intended audience

Pregnant and new parents.

Terms and conditions

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Disclaimer: The content of this course is educational in nature and does not replace seeing a pelvic health therapist for in-person assessment and treatment.