Parenting Against Racism in an Age of Racial Pain

Clinical psychologists and child development specialists offer tips on how to raise anti-racist kids.


Noelle Cochran, PsyD


Approx. 60 minutes




Child Education & Activities


Research shows that a child of 3 has already internalized racial biases. In a world of inequality, that means very young White children are already being prepared to maintain a painful system of unearned privilege and racial disparity.

Recent events have inspired many parents who are raising White children to prepare their children to fight racism and help heal the scars it has left on our nation.  But preparing the next generation of White anti-racist allies for the challenging work of pushing back against history can be a confounding and elusive task for parents who want to do better, but have not been well-prepared themselves.

In this recording of our live session, clinical psychologists and child development specialists, Dr. Noelle Cochran, Dr. Lele Diamond and Dr. Michael Connor offered tips for increasing understanding, clarity and competency for those interested in fostering a more just future, for this generation and the next.

What you will learn

  • Remember this is not new
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable

  • Take meaningful steps
  • Q&A

Intended audience

The class will address material that is often new for white people but that many people of color have learned in their communities.  However,  the class is open to parents of all backgrounds.  Participants should be prepared to engage in safe, respectful and difficult considerations for the sake of justice and should be willing to embrace some discomfort for the sake of growth. This class is not for those who believe being uncomfortable is the same as being unsafe.  It is not for those who are looking to cast blame.  It is not for those who prefer easy answers to actionable truth.

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