What Parents Need To Know About Nanny Contracts

This course will help you understand the important aspects of your and your nanny's duties and set clear expectations.


Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW


Approx. 20 minutes


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You’ve found a perfect nanny but are anxious about how it would work out. You are not alone, the relationship between a nanny and her employer is an emotional one. In a perfect world, you would hire a nanny who is reincarnation of Mary Poppins and things will run smoothly forever but in real life this isn't always so easy.

In this last course of a 3-part series, we focus on establishing boundaries and setting expectations upfront. This will provide clarity and structure to your working relationship with your nanny. In addition, having a nanny contract would protect you as the employer and also protect your nanny as the employee.

The other two courses in this 3-part series are: Six essential legal Issues to know before you hire a nanny; and Interviewing tips to hire the best fit nanny. Enroll in this series, get $5 off (with code: 5-off) and leave feeling confident about finding a great childcare provider for your child and your family!

What you will learn

  • Why a contract is important
  • The 8 key components for a nanny contract
  • The 4-step process to ensure transparency on terms
  • The pitfalls to avoid
  • When to review terms to reduce problems and avoid flight risk

Intended audience

Parents who are thinking about hiring an in-home childcare provider or a nanny.

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