How To Interview A Nanny Like a Pro

Practical tips to help you gain valuable insights and evaluate if a nanny is the best possible fit for your family. 


Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW


Approx. 20 minutes






Many parents will find that the experience of finding a nanny is much easier than hiring one. While you can find several lists of interview questions online, just knowing what questions to ask is not enough. Interviewing a nanny can be tricky. Nannies may not be great interviewers -- some may not be used to a setting that’s more typical of the professional world. Some may have language or cultural issues that make easy communication difficult or uncomfortable for them.

So can you really determine in a 30-60 minute interview if a nanny will be the right fit for your family? How do you ensure that they are good at what they do? In this second course of a 3-part series, we explore this nanny interview process holistically, from understanding your family’s preferences to evaluating various candidates and minimizing potential risks.

The other two courses in this 3-part series about hiring a nanny are: Six essential legal Issues to know before you hire a nanny; and Nanny contracts: what to include to give you peace of mind. Enroll in this series, get $5 off (with code: 5-off) and leave feeling confident about finding a great childcare provider for your child and your family!

What you will learn

  • Learn to get your mind and soul in gear for the decision
  • Learn about the 3-stage Interview process
  • Understand the fundamentals of what makes a mood fit
  • Know the essential questions to ask
  • Learn how to evaluate for fit and minimize risks
  • Next steps of the hiring process

Intended audience

Parents who are thinking about hiring an in-home childcare provider/nanny. 

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