How to Sleep Train Your Baby

Learn how to form healthy sleep habits and help your baby get the best rest possible. 


Noelle Cochran, PsyD


Approx. 30 minutes





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There is much information on baby sleep training methods, techniques and tips that most parents can easily get overwhelmed, confused or frustrated. To further complicate things, now we have tech-enabled tools like the Snoo, Hatch Rest, Nanit and many more. Do they work? What does the research say?

Ready to jump in and start teaching (or re-teaching) your little one to sleep? Join us for this class led by a child development specialist, Dr. Noelle Cochran, PsyD, and learn about what you can do to ensure a good night's rest for you and your baby.

What you will learn

  • What is baby sleep training?
  • Is infant sleep training safe?
  • When can you start sleep training?
  • How to sleep train your baby - step by step
  • When to worry

Intended audience

Parents of infants with no significant medical or developmental problems.

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