How to Help Your Child During Flu Season

Learn about causes, symptoms and remedies for cold, cough and flu with Dr. Monica Schwarz Josten, a Stanford trained pediatrician.


Monica Schwarz Josten, MD


Approx. 30 minutes


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Children's Health


Did you know that an average healthy toddler gets six viral infections per year? Kids who attend daycare get even more. This means that you will be dealing with quite a few infections over the course of the season, and the best thing that you can do for your little ones is to understand how to ease their symptoms and provide comfort.

Learn about the ways to support your child through this flu season with Dr. Monica Schwarz Josten, a Stanford trained pediatrician. Dr. Schwarz Josten provides guidance on ways to help your child recover from viral infections, cough and congestion. She also covers 'red flag' symptoms to help you determine when you should take your child to a doctor, home remedies and more! 

What you will learn

  • Common type of respiratory viruses

  • Red flag symptoms

  • Normal course of viral infections

  • Managing nasal congestion in children

  • Management of cough in children

  • Over the counter cough and cold medicine for kids

  • Other ways to improve symptoms

  • Summary and references

Intended audience

Parents of infants (older than 3 months) and toddlers with no significant medical problems and who are "well-appearing".

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