Exercise During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

A pre/postnatal fitness expert addresses the common concerns and offers tips about safely exercising during pregnancy.


Caitlin Ritt


Approx. 60 minutes


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Exercise & Fitness


Most women greatly benefit from exercising during pregnancy. Regular exercise during pregnancy reduces back pain, eases constipation, may decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery. It also promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy, improves overall general fitness and strengthens heart and blood vessels and helps new moms lose the baby weight after the baby is born. 

This sounds great but working out during pregnancy is not as simple as just 'listening to your body'.⁣⁣ In this class, Caitlin Ritt, a pre/postnatal master trainer answers some of the common questions about exercising safely during pregnancy and offers practical tools to have a healthy and strong pregnancy and a better recovery postpartum!⁣⁣

What you will learn

  • Structural changes during pregnancy
  • The core and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Pregnancy considerations: diastasis recti
  • Pregnancy considerations: pelvic girdle pain
  • Pregnancy considerations: round ligament pain
  • Pregnancy considerations: pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
  • Pregnancy considerations: urinary incontinence
  • Exercise goals, workout suggestions, risks & rewards
  • Beyond the six week checkup

Intended audience

Pregnant mothers.

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