Double the trouble: A workshop on discipline for twins

Learn about the psychology of twinship and common behavioral challenges in early childhood.


Ruth Simon, PhD


Approx. 30 minutes




Twins & Multiples

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It’s hard enough knowing how to effectively discipline one child, but when there are twins, it’s even more complicated! In this course Dr. Simon considers the psychology of twinship as she addresses common behavioral challenges in early childhood as well as those that are unique in twin pairs.

What you will learn

  • How to help when one twin hurts or upsets the other twin
  • What to do when the twins “gang up” on the adult in charge
  • How to manage “twin escalation syndrome”
  • What to do when temperamentally the twins need different parental responses to misbehavior
  • How to maintain a good relationship with both children even when one is “the troublemaker”

Intended audience

Geared mostly for families with preschool aged twins, Dr. Simon will also address general disciplinary concepts for older twins as well.

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