Discovering the Music in Me: Melody

An award winning musician and educator introduces the concept of melody to kids in a fun and engaging way.


Barbara Berg


Approx. 20 minutes


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Child Education & Activities


Music education is a journey of discovery. Help your children experience the joy of expressing and understanding the music that is such a natural part of them. Help them take the initial steps to learning the language of music, leading to identifying, interpreting and performing the elements of music at a higher level.  

However, teaching music theory to little kids can be daunting, especially if you don't have an understanding of the concepts yourself.

Barbara Berg, an award winning musician and educator has created this interactive introductory class specifically to help children experience the joy of discovering the music within them. Ms. Berg teaches the core concepts in an interactive way that makes it easy for children to grasp them gradually and naturally.

What you will learn

This lesson teaches kids about the musical term 'melody' and introduce them to the musical notation.

Please note that you need the following items for this class:

  • A large cookie sheet or a flat surface of similar size. You could also use the room floor.
  • Five strips of tape - masking, painter's, or similar type to create a staff of parallel lines on the surface.
  • Seven refrigerator magnets or household objects of similar size which will fit between the parallel tape lines.

Intended audience

Although different ages will engage to varying degrees, this class is suitable for most 2-8 year old children.

Terms and conditions

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