Brain Science for Parents: Regulate, Relate, and Reason

Learn how to foster your child's brain development with a neuroscience educator.


Victoria Dimitrakopoulos


Approx. 60 minutes


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Emotional Wellbeing


Parents are asking “How do we build our children’s intelligence/ resilience/ character/ empathy?” We often view these as skills kids must learn, and we look for tips to teach them more effectively. 

Brain scientists see things differently: our kids’ brains develop in response to patterns of activation. Some patterns of activation strengthen the brain, building it in ways that make qualities like resilience, intelligence, and empathy more likely to develop. Other patterns don’t, and even weaken the brain, building it in ways that make vulnerabilities like mood disorders and behavioral problems more likely to arise. 

In this recording of our live session, a neuroscience educator explains brain scientists’ advice to parents, teachers, and all those responsible for nurturing developing brains: Regulate, Relate and Reason.

What you will learn

  • Brain basics
  • Common beliefs
  • Regulate, relate and reason
  • Provocations
  • Q&A

Intended audience

Parents of young children (0-5 years).

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